Idea for an informal collapsible business

I have been pondering ideas for ideas of businesses which take very  little to implement but have a decent sized potential for quick profits, which is ideal for young guys/girls who want to get started in the world of entrepreneurship but would never qualify for business finance because they have no experience and/or qualifications. The main idea of these ideas is that they should:

  1. Not require any formal business premises.
  2. Require little in the way of inputs.
  3. Low skilled requirements

Basically the aim is that they should be able to build their setup in their moms garage/kitchen and take it out to streets immediately and get results that would at worst allow them to break even and possibly even make some serious money. Afterwards they should be able to relatively easily collapse this business and if they make a loss, should not be sitting with huge amounts of trading stock which will eventually be consumed by friends free of charge. A daunting task but here goes:

  1. Peddle open source software. Pending any issues regarding legality this could be lucrative if they can get access to a decent sized market who want their computers to run more efficiently/ smoothly with better features that can make their lives easier.
  2. Any form of informal health coaching. this can either take the form of basic crossfit/ aerobic exercise classes at the local park or could involve fully fledged meal planning and wellness coaching ala the Hearballife system.
  3. DJ at local night clubs. This is not as difficult as it sounds. Software has made it extremely easy to mix music these days yet consumers still attribute the feelings they have to some other worldly genius possessed only by the DJ on the decks. there are no longer even actual decks involved its just computer software.
  4. Massage. This is in high demand and potential consumers are everywhere. Parks, beaches and even the local fun run are great avenues for finding potential paying clients. My advice is to keep it simple and only use coconut oil which is relatively cheap and doing foot massages which have less potential for disasater than the average Swedish back massage which is also very invasive and difficult to perform in public. for this all you need is a decent camp chair and perhaps an umbrella, a basin and soap bar to wash your clients feet and the oil and youre good to go.

All in all what you will need is at most 100$ and whatever resources you can get your hands on cheaply, and most importantly, the willingness to look stupid and hustle yourself to the cash that you desire to have.

thanks for reading



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