The top five social habits of highly effective people

    Eye contact Eye contact is the first point of any social interaction. It sets the tone. In every social interaction there is an Alpha and a Beta. These aren’t real terms but are to be seen as an easy description of the spectrum that occurs during any social interaction, Alpha being the charismatic leader and Beta being the subservient follower. Eye contact is the first point of contact that determines where each individual fits in to the interaction, sometimes regardless of pre-existing status. A CEO of a company can come up to a group of middle managers and, … Continue reading The top five social habits of highly effective people

What’s the Difference?

What’s the Difference? Wisdom in decision making is vastly more important—not just practically, but philosophically—than knowledge (Taleb).   We all have bipolar view of the world. We categorize things in terms of good and evil, rich or poor and smart or stupid. This binary way in which we perceive phenomena is often good for us because it forces us to choose instead of remaining in an indecisive space where we aren’t sure what we want. On the other hand this rush to pick one or the other can lead to some rush decisions that could be counter-productive or some decisions … Continue reading What’s the Difference?

Idea for an informal collapsible business

I have been pondering ideas for ideas of businesses which take very  little to implement but have a decent sized potential for quick profits, which is ideal for young guys/girls who want to get started in the world of entrepreneurship but would never qualify for business finance because they have no experience and/or qualifications. The main idea of these ideas is that they should: Not require any formal business premises. Require little in the way of inputs. Low skilled requirements Basically the aim is that they should be able to build their setup in their moms garage/kitchen and take it … Continue reading Idea for an informal collapsible business